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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Telling it like it is - Tuesday

Is "meaness" a word? Whatever, for the purpose of this post it will be. Do people really want to hear the truth? Because, the truth might sound a little like this...

"You know what? You do look skanky in that skirt"

"The reason that my child is late today is because....there really is no reason, we just overslept."

"Sometimes you come across a little rude and pretentious."

"Do you actually thinks that he like you even though he has not called in two weeks?"

"You are not that cool"

"You give yourself waaaaay too much credit"

"Its kinda not okay that you are 30 years old and still living at home."

"I really prefer not to hang out with people like you."

"Dude, im just saying what everyone else is already thinking."

"Please stop embarassing yourself by getting drunk and calling him!"

"It's nothing personal, we are just better then you." <--ripped this one off of King Julian from Madagascar!
"Stop having kids, you cannot afford the ones that you have!"
"You really are beautiful and it makes me feel insecure."
"Your kid gets on my nerves"
"I don't really think your baby is cute...he sort of reminds me of a little troll."
"I did you a favor by sleeping with your girlfriend, now you know she is a hoe."
Whoooo! That was fun! Have a "truth" you want to share? Lets hear it! Free2bMommy


  1. daughter would love this! She says she just speaks the truth! She does..but not gracefully. I would find it refreshing to just hear the truth though. lol. I've been honest enough to admit to sleeping in late. I once told my friend she looked like Miss Piggy in these high calf type boots she tried one. She did. lol. Now, I try to be nicer in how I express the truth. But, I say be honest with grace and let the chips fall where they may.

  2. Ha! I could have used someone telling me that if he doesn't call in two weeks, it means he doesn't like me... but I don't know if I would have been happy about it.

    And thank you, but please don't feel insecure about my beauty ;).

    Peryl @parenting ad absurdum

  3. Sometimes it just feels good to be honest! It is a special art to get it just right without being right out mean. My family is really honest so I have developed a pretty thick skin for the truth :)

    Thanks for sharing yall!


  4. OMG! Your butt looks ginormous in those jeans!

    No I'm not tired, you're just boring.

    Oh I could go on and on. I might have to steal this idea. I'll give you credit if I do.

  5. Isnt it great!! It really is very Uknown Mamiesque! hahaha!! You are welcome to it, its sooooo much fun!


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