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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tuesday's things you would have never guessed...

I have been to Dubai, Spain, Belize, and London.

My right thumb is longer then my left by at least an inch!

I was bitten by a brown recluse and had to have surgury to remove the dead infected tissue. Yummy!

My hubby calls my toes "cheetos."

I missed graduating Cum Laude by 1 point.

I was nominated "class party animal" at my high school prom. (not proud of)

I was voted "biggest party animal" by my sorority. (really not proud of!)

I felt smart, until I took the GRE.

My heart has only truly been broken twice.

People that get on power trips are pathetic. Okay that was mean.

At camp when I was like 12, the girls in my cabin stuffed leaves in my sleeping bag just for kicks. Stupid bitc_es. I'm not bitter!

I have been stalked and harassed by a handful of different girls in my lifetime.

I am always mis-judged

I do not think that "revenge is sweet." and believe that just because you can ruin someones reputation, does not mean that you should.


  1. That's cute...Cheetos! LOL I had to laugh at your response to the Biatches from camp! Too funny.

  2. hahaha!! I never recovered from that!

  3. I clicked over from 'Say Anything...' blog.

    What a fun blog you've got here!

    I have to admit, I placed my thumbs side by side to see whether or not they were the same length.


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