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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday random poop or scoop

Am I the only one that wants to scream "F_ ck!!" when someone...ahem...your hubby or mother....says something like "I think he has poo poo" or "somebody has poooo pooo," as if it were something cute??!!

I just sit down on the computer for some much needed blogging R&R and am stopped mid twitter, when the hubby yells, "babe! I think Bean took a dump!" and then tells my son, "go to mommy...go to mommy so she can change you," WTF??!! Am I the only one who took Baby S_it 101? Why is this an area where only my "expertise" are needed. This is sooooo not part of the deal! I find myself wanting to say "man Bean! Why couldn't you have held it for a little longer!" I know, I'm evil.

I guess the thing that really gets me, is PBears total lack of involvement when there is poop involved. Yeah, that adorable baby is not so cute anymore, now that he has a nice steamy present in his diaper is he?

Do you think that because I am his mother that I naturally enjoy changing his diaper as he tries to flip over and smear poop all over my couch? Do you think that I get excited at the thought of my finger slipping past the wipe and getting poop under my nail? Do you really think that I look forward to being out shopping and smelling something that I hope everyone around me wont think is me??!

Well I DON'T!!! This is the dark side of motherhood! The side that NO one warns you about! Well. maybe they do, but you never believe them??!!

I know that some of you are thinking "my husband changes all of juniors diapers!" well arnt you just the luckiest girlie girl I know! Literally! My hubby is always conveniently MIA during these beautiful moments...punk!

Wait...what is that smell??



  1. omg, I literally laughed out loud when I read that PBear said that! I can totally hear that coming from him. Believe me, it's not just your hubbby. I often wonder if it's a hispanic ex was TOTALLY like that. My job was to stay home, cook, clean, take care of the Vman and change his poopy diapers.

  2. hahaha!! The funny thing is that he changed Monkeys diaper all the time when she was that size! Urgh! I just took Bean a bath and he took a poop right after I got him dressed! He then proceeded to twist and turn and get poop all over himself!! I see another bath in the near evening future!! AHHH!!


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