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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 5 of Zoloft

Monkey is on day 5 of her SUPER LOW dose of Zoloft to control her extreme problems with her Panic Disorder and anxiety. I could be faking myself out, but I swear that I have already seen a reduction of panic attacks. Now, she is still getting them, but when we talked tonight about her getting her things together for school tomorrow, she did not freak out!

Whatever the reason for the reduction of panic attacks, I hope it continues. I keep reminding myself that the empty shell of a what my child once was, will soon begin to refill itself and shine. She has stopped screaming out in the middle of the night and was even able to discuss our "game plan" for tomorrow. I spoke with the social service worker at her school, who has surprised me with her amazing interest in helping Monkey. She is helpful and has even made time to sit and discuss what has been going on with Monkey and her progress. Finally I feel that someone at the school is being an advocate for what my daughter needs.

I feel confident and hopeful for what tomorrow brings, but will also prepare for the worse.



  1. that's awesome. i know it's a small change, but that small change will soon turn into the most amazing change....the return of your old monkey! hang in there kiddo!

  2. I'm glad you see a small change. I used to take that and wasn't a big fan but I also didn't have panic and anxiety like you describe your daughter having. I feel bad that she's going thru this.. as a mom I cant even imagine how you feel not being able to just help her.

    Does she see a counselor? Keep updated on this I'd love to see if the meds help her =)

  3. This is good news. As someone who suffers from panic attacks and has had to take medication, it breaks my heart to think of a child having to go through it. I have to say personally, that Zoloft really helped me when I needed it. I responded to a very low dosage and it did not make me feel medicated, it made me feel like "myself" before the panic attacks and for awhile I thought that would never be possible.

    May your daughter continue to progress and find support from those around her.

  4. @crisc23 - 1st, thank you for always commenting and expressing interest. I appreciate it! Yes she is seeing a therapist and will be starting coping technique soon.

    @Unknown mami- As usual you always have something insightful to share. Thank you! It makes me feel good to know that you yourself actually used the med and did not feel "not like yourself." she seems to be adjusting well.

  5. so happy for you! Hope you continue to see great results! Praying for ya!


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