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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can you handle Facebook?

I have had my facebook account since college, when it was just a college networking tool, and frankly freaking boring!

I never logged on and a couple of years later, my sister said "I think you should check your FB, all the family is on there." Huh? It was then that I found out that FB had opened its floodgates to the world.

The problem with this is that you have a variety of generations attempting to communicate on a level that translates into something different for everyone. What I mean is that you have younger people...people who have literally been communicating online for their entire lives, and older people who have not. This creates a "lost in translation" effect.

I love that I get to share whatever I want on FB. I do not need your permission, and I do not need to explain or elaborate. Why? Its FB, that's why. I feel that if you don't understand the FB culture, maybe you shouldn't be on there.

The whole idea behind sharing tidbits, thoughts, opinions, JOKES, sarcasm, and so forth on FB is what FB and its success have been built on. For that reason I have created some guidelines for figuring out if you should really be on FB or not.

It is my professional opinion that if you answer yes to one or more of the should cancel your account immediately! haha!

1.) Do you take everything literal on FB?
2.) Do you find yourself "offended" or pissed by what others share on FB?
3.) Are you jealous of your significant other befriending anyone of the opposite sex?
4.) Are you turning around and talking about what others are posting online and sharing it as fact with others?
5.) Are you judging others based on their posts?
6.) Do you find yourself commenting in a confrontational way?
7.) Do you hold any animosity towards a "friend" on FB because of something they posted, even though it had nothing to do with you?
8.) Have any of your relationships suffered off-line in "real world" because of FB?
9.) Do you ever catch yourself shaking your head at comment conversations of others?
10.)Do you save images and share with others because "you cannot believe they are doing that," in the picture.

I hope this helps you to diagnose yourself and whether or not you should be on FB. ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS FOLKS! Don't let something as meaningless as FB take over your life.



  1. I totally judge people (in my head)..lmao

  2. I'm giving this post a HUGE "thumbs up". It's like your read my mind.

  3. Hmmm, not so sure that I agree with you on this one. I totally use FB ALL the time...but I do think that some people share things that just shouldn't be shared for the entire world to see...

  4. I agree there are things that shouldn't be shared, especially if small children can see it.

    However, I don't hold anyone accountable on FB, its far too easy, just like everywhere on the net, to be fake in someway. You can be as wicked as you want, or as shy and proper. Personally though, I'd rather pick up a phone or write a letter to get connected. It's more personal, more thoughtful and more sincere than a poke on FB.

  5. I deleted my fb because it was way too much drama. I have an obnoxious sister that posts her thoughts every 32 seconds practically and it's wacky and inappropriate things! FB scares me!

  6. @ all yall! I honestly had not thought about kids reading posts, or inappropriate sharing. I do agree that things that are hateful or defaming are exceptions to "the rules." Sometimes I have seen some pretty TMI posts, but I just gloss over and continue on. I guess I accept those "exceptions" as the dark side of FB, ya know? Thanks for sharing yall!

    @fancy pants! Sad but hilarious! FB is the devil!! haha!!

  7. Pfff! whateva! FB is fair game. Anyone can post anything they wish. I'm glad they do. If I don't like something (rare) then I dont befriend them. If they're not in your friends list you can't see their "wacky and Inappropriate" status posts. Im not conservative, I let it out. I'm naked to the world and feeling free! weeee!

    Dee in answer to your question I did my new blog design myself. Who's waiting list are you on?

  8. YOU GO GURRRRL!!! Tell it! haha!! I am on frilly coconuts list. She does really awesome work, but I am dying without a button of some sort. Its like your not "real" until you have a button!!

  9. FB is too open and I don't like everyone writing all over my wall :-)


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