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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go Vlog urself! All the cool kids are doing it!


  1. Love it!! I agree honesty is the best policy

  2. Woooo! lol I just love you I really freakin do. :0) I love when people are really honest. Actually I find I click better with people who put it all out there than people who are fake or always hiding something. I love frank, outspoken women because thats is SO me! lol I dont really care that much at all what people think. Ima do me! lol

  3. You are beautiful, inside and out! Keep on being you.

  4. Thanks Yall! I was nervous about it, and I kept thinking too much into it and sounding weird! Finally, I thought "okay just act like Im talking to someone, and not the computer" It was then that it came really natural and I promised myself there would be no "retakes!" hahaha!!!

  5. Hey, love that you're vlogging! I think you're a Hilar and this just shows how much more real you are. Also love that you got an Honest Scrap award - the little tidbits you left about yourself left me saying "yikes!" and giggling a bit.
    Hope to see more vlogging - I too, like to keep it real.


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