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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is my kid going to be one of "those" kids?

I think I was in the 5th grade when I first met Kim. Kim was new to my school. In private school, it is always soooooo awesome to meet new students and find out where they came from. So, you can imagine my surprise when she said that she was "home schooled" before attending school with us.

What?? I had not idea that there was even an option to "home school." I was immediately sort of mad that I had not been given the chance to take part in this "lottery" of the school world. I later developed a weird perception of home schoolers based on what other kids in my class were saying. "My mom said that's weird!" "Kids that home school are slow." "Jimmy told me that kids only home school because they cant make it in regular school"

Of course much later then grade school, I once again changed my perception. I joined a popular mom networking group and started to see tons about moms who home schooled. Well, with the school systems being what they are and kids being what they are, it started to make a little bit more sense.

Now with Monkey having so many problems at school I have started to think about whether or not home schooling would pose more harm then good. I just feel like I'm out on the plank...alone and about to be pushed over!


  1. I think home schooling is awesome, as long as the child gets to spend time with other kids. Whats a childhood without lots of friends and play dates, KWIM?

    I personally don't have the patience or the smarts to pull it off, but wish I did. The few people I know that were home schooled, have a better sense of education and are much smarter than us public school or private school peeps. Most schools just teach to read the book and answer preset questions, they don't teach you to search or find things on your own, its all done for you. Home school seems to encourage expanding learning by being outside the box, at least to what I've seen.

    Good luck in whatever you decide!!

  2. I was home-schooled until 4th grade. It definitely has its benefits - I was way ahead academically when I joined a regular school. I was really shy and overwhelmed socially to begin with, but I think home-schooling parents can address this with lots of home socialization - my folks didnt' do a lot of that. Power to you if you decide to do it - I don't know if I could, but I know there are a lot of resources out there for parents who want to!

    peryl @ parenting ad absurdum

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  4. Hi There. I'm another follower from MBC.

    My thought on home schooling is also that it depends on the child. I think it is more important for a child to be at the top of his/her class even if he is taken out of public school and given one on one attention in order to get there. As long as you have lots of social opportunities and cool athletics and sports opportunities and group field trips, it can be really amazing!!

    He can always enter school later. I think the idea is to present it like it is a really cool opportunity for him instead of something he did wrong.

    Good luck!! Oh and I always thought home schoolers were awesome. :)

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