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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Siblings you want to strangle!

I am one of two...sisters that is. Why didn't my parents stop while they were ahead! hahaha!! My sister who I call Sissy, is a cliche when it comes to the youngest child of a family. I am going to tread lightly with what I share because...pssst....she reads this from time to time...yes she can read! haha!!

So, I call my sister a b_tch, brat, idiot, and overall "issue ridden chick." She calls me b_tch and s-ut. We are soooooo classy! We argue about everything, but mainly we argue about how she treats my parents and how incredibly spoiled she is.

We both were raised pretty spoiled. Momma S_r_a gave us everything we wanted and then some. In elementary school she would dress us while we were still in bed, so that we could get just a few more winks of sleep before school. In high school we shopped often, and if I saw a pair of sandals that I "had to have," I would not only walk out the door with those shoes, but with all the other colors that it came in. So, naturally I understand what it feels like to be spoiled, but I quickly grew out of that to an extent when I entered the "real world."

We argue daily, but about an hour later we are back to normal. Its a twisted existence really...but it works for us. I was mad at her when I started this post...and now we are laughing and talking about Hector...the neighborhood thug! haha!! Just kidding about the last part but you get the point.

I still wish my parents had stopped while they were ahead. JMO.

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  1. I enjoyed your blog! Very insightful
    Hopefully you will appreciate mine
    Jesus Lives
    God Bless, Bob West

  2. Following from MBC- I think I am going to have lots of fun reading your posts!

  3. @mom vs the boys- You can borrow mine!

    @Bob West- Thanks for checking out my blog! I will make sure to check yours out too!

    @Hannah Thompson- That is awesome to hear! Thanks for the follow!!

  4. Sounds like me and my sister. I'm the oldest, and she is the baby...and is EXACTLY like your sister!!


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