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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am a page rank skank!

Sharing a tidbit-

I lost what little page rank google gave me because I changed to a custom domain. I am told it will be back, but I am still sooooooo bummed. Im soooooo lame!



  1. I am tryig to figure out how do I know what my page rank is your my pageviews per month on my blog...can you offer any help? I also love your profile...i too can swear like a trucker, pull my kids out of school for vacation and see nothing wrong with cupcakes for breakfast (as long as they have a glass of milk!)

  2. hahah! Love it! When you go into google, you can download their toolbar and on their toolbar will be a little bar that will show you yout google rank. Let me find out how exactly to access the toolbar if you do not have it...I Cant remember right this moment.


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