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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are you a judgemental mom snob?

Are you?

I know that technically we all form judgments upon seeing someone. "I like that dress." "Why on earth would you wear that?" and "That guy looks like a jerk!"

I am talking about the judgements that place ourselves above others in the whole "I would never..." scheme.

Do you read some of these blogs and think "she looks selfish and naive," or "why in the hell is she such an over sharing attention whore?" These are the things that we may not want to admit or ever even verbalize, but what I have noticed lately is the way that mothers are judging other mothers. A classic example of this is on a popular mom network that has tons of discussion groups, post, contests, etc. I have never read anything so heated and attacking as some of those posts!! It is craaaazy!! You know the type of train wreak you can't help but watch and bring popcorn to?

Now, not all the moms on that site are like that, but the ones that there are, make me want to pull there little butts through the computer and choke some sense into them. Who cares what decisions some parents make for their children as long as the kids are not in danger or harm? Who cares why you decide to breastfeed and why all formula fed babies are destined for long sits in the corner with the dunce cap on? Do I care that you don't vax your kids? I guess it's interested to hear why, but do I care why you think that I am evil for the fact that I do? Nope! I don't want to hear your ignorant comments about how you think circumcision is the best because he needs to be like his daddy, and all boys that have foreskin intact are dirty little things that will eventually repulse women. These are just a few of the many heated topics on this site. It sounds really stupid when put like that right?

My point is that we all make educated decisions based on the information we receive. You make a choice and you stand by it, but who really cares why others make the choices that they make, and what purpose does it serve to judge and look down on others for not agreeing with you? Shame.

We are all women, who love our children and want to protect them and help them to become bright, respectable, and successful young adults. The goal is the same, so who really cares the path each person takes to get there? Something to think about...

Don't be a judgemental snob.

Lub ya!


  1. I totally agree - great post, great topic. A while ago, I posted something similar about the choices I had made for my kids, but how I didn't expect others to make the same choices; that we should respect that we all make loving, educated choices that work for our family... and guess what the response was? Yup, lots of angry people criticizing my choices. Sigh.

    Peryl (

  2. I love your blog! I have come across my share of judgmental people and they never just want to accept my choices that I made for my children.Home schooling, no TV (we do movies, I-tunes and and we are using herbs..

    Thanks for stopping my at my blog!


  3. @Peryl- Thank you for always reading and commenting! I just hate that we do that to each other. No one should feel nervous to post how they feel or the way that they do things, because of fear of mommy backlash. It sucks! I just keep on posted what I feel...and take the high road when it comes to people like that.

    @Jo- Thanks for commenting! I actually went back and forth with my choice to post this. Believe it or not, I was afraid that someone would comment and do the exact thing that I was mentioning in my post. Judge. Whatever you choose for your family works as long as they are healthy and happy children. To each their own I say! Thanks again!

  4. FAB post!!! (CLAP!)


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