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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A man scared the bejeebies out of me!

All criminals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law....blah blah blah!

I was working on my resin rings in my kitchen at about 9:30 pm this evening. My "work space" is on a counter in the kitchen where my back is to the back door. I opened the door and just left the locked screen door open on account of the beautiful weather and the needed ventilation for my resin. The screen door leads to the back deck which has a swing, outdoor table, chairs, and my sons roller coaster ride.

I kept hearing things behind me outside. It was just like the movies yall! I kept hearing sounds, looking over my shoulder, and the shrugging when I figured it was nothing. The suspense is building right?? I turned around and continued stirring resin while chalking the noise up to old man Captain Underpants who spends lots of time on his second story deck (that overlooks our backyard) in the evening. The next thing I know, I heard something that sounded like it was right behind me. I turned for like the 4th time and there on my porch was (now before I share this I should say that I am only describing who was actually on my porch and not trying to imply or offend) okay so I look and there stood a skinny middle aged black man with a black backpack on grabbing a towel and what looked like some other things off of my porch! I froze for a split second, and then being the polite and dignified southern woman that I am shouted, "excuse me....EXCUSE ME!!" He took one look at me and took off! I yelled to P-Bear that "there was someone on the back deck and he was running out the front gate!" P-Bear took off after this man on foot, while total chaos commenced at my house! Monkey screaming, and Bean crying! Neighbors were running out to see what the shouting was about and porch lights flicked on as my daughters screams of panic were heard up and down the street! Side note: in case you don't know or never read my blog until now, my daughter suffers from an extreme case of Panic Disorder. You can imagine how she dealt with the situation.

I wont share what happened after my husband caught him...he did catch him, because its not my story to share. Maybe one day, Pbear will have his own blog (yeah right!) and he will share what happened during the first 48 minutes following the robbery. I will tell you this much though...I dont think we have to worry about "homeboy" returning ever again! Another side note: "homeboy" is how I refer to all guys who I do not know.

Note: I do not mean to poke fun or make light of tonight's events, but I deal with these types of things in hindsight with comedy. We were lucky that the man only wanted our things and not to pose threat to us.



  1. Zero Level Meeting: I witnessed a meeting between the three large degree zero ...

  2. omg how scary!
    Our house is old and always hear creeking, but its usually the wood floors, but our dog starts barking and it freaks me out, when its just me and her alone.

    The other day Hugo heard some noises, looked outside and saw a homeless guy going through or trash. I was like wow, I wonder how often he does that at our house and when I'm home alone.scarrry!

    p.s. hope the Monkey is okay, poor baby.

  3. omg i would have been scared! im glad every one is ok


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