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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A tale of a second grader on Zoloft

Today is day 6 and even though we experienced a little bit of reluctance to get to school today, and she had some small episodes at lunch...moments of intense breathing, and nausea, most of the day today has been a success.

I had some unlady-like moments with the school administration this morning, but aside from pencil pushing hall monitors yanking my chain, today has been relatively good for Monkey.

Bean is no longer grossing her out, and she does not feel the need to run into her room and slam the door in his face. What a relief...that was the hardest part, seeing her change towards him. He simply adores her, and you could tell he did not understand what the heck was going on while she was running from him and screaming.

Its crazy what irrational fears can do to you. I will never again look at panic the same again. Monkeys social worker shared something really relative with me recently, she compared dealing with a person in the middle of a panic attack to trying to get a cat into the shower. It made perfect sense, and that is exactly how things have been for the past month or so. I actually video taped some of the attacks for her doctor, and may show them to promote awareness of what these serious cases actually entail.

Thank you all for your loving comments and concerns. I knew that even though there are moms that are most likely shaking their heads at my decision to medicate her, there would be even more supportive and open minded moms to offer support.


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