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Monday, April 26, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday

For any of you who are just joining me for the first time. Mean B_tch Monday is my free card to share one mean moment for the week without apologizing...I sort of did that yesterday ahead of schedule in the post about my sister, but oh well!

I am pictured here (right) at the age of 18 with my amazing friend who we will call LP.

Today, I will be mean to my younger self....just for kicks.

Dear Miss 18 year old Free2bMommy,

I know that you may "think" you are happy. I know you may even look at women who are moms and think "poor girl, with two kids and stuck at home." I know that your life may seem the moment. But, I am here to tell you that there is much more to life then expensive high heel shoes, overpriced designer purses, and car notes that cost more monthly then your rent!

Here are a few words advise...

1. Please please please stop wearing sooooo much makeup! You don't need it, and in a few years you will be surprised to know that you will actually wear less!

2. Stop with the pants that show your stuff when you squat or bend down. Its not cute, well maybe to some 18 year old loser, but you honestly just look plain trashy...listen to your mom on this one and don't be so surprised when daddy sends you back upstairs to change before that night out with the family.

3. Its not cute or attractive to get totally wasted and then wake up not knowing where your purse is....wait that might still happen for a few years, but it still sucks!

4. Think twice before you drink vodka out of that coffee mug to "look cool," you will live to regret it later.

5. Save yourself while you are ahead and stop dating "you know who." Trust me, it will only lead to heartache in the end, and by heartache, you would be surprised to know that I do not mean his.

6. Be good to LP, your friendship will have rocky moments, but you will remain friends.

7. Stop yelling at your mom, either way, she will continue to remind you of all the things you said many years later.

8. Make sure to call Gibby and let him know how much his friendship has meant to you.

9. When you ask people why they call your future hubby "Demon" and they say "oh you will see," believe them!

10. Do not throw an entire semester of college away, just because you didn't want to get out of bed that morning!!

Hopefully you will stop being such a dumbass and take some of these words to heart....but that would mean that I might not be who I am today...on second thought...carry on!



  1. I love it, thinking of all the things I would say to my stupid younger self!

  2. Oh the things I would tell my younger self! Great post. Following from MBC. Take a look at my blog at

  3. I LOVE IT..if you dont mind I would like to rob your idea for a post this weekend. Def a good post and I have a lot to say to the younger me..lmao

  4. @saving creatively - Awesome! I will totally check out your blog soon! Thanks!

    @crisc23 Be my guest girlie! Let me know when you do! I would love to read what you would tell younger self too!!!

  5. Awesome! The too much makeup thing wouldnt work for me though lol. I wore less back then and wear more now. lol

  6. Hey momma just letting you know I posted the idea today..thanks =)


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