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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The birth story I never shared...

'I realized that I never really officially shared the story of Beans birth. It was not without its own drama...please excuse the bad grammer and typos, I did not want to read over it too many times and make to many "thought out" changes.

Here he comes!!

"Push, 2...3...4...5...6.." urgh! I was feeling no real pain since the epidural started working and loved the feeling of not really knowing if I was "pushing," because I was pretty numb from the waist down. Since my hubby has quite the sense of humor, and this can start to really get on my nerves after a while, I recuited the assistance of my mom to help me yet again get through the labor.

After pushing for what seemed like forever, I noticed the nurse start to act strange. She was trying not to show it, but I could tell by her sudden serious nature, that something was up. She informed me that although I was fully dialated and pushing Bean was not making his way down. Apparently Bean was not ready for his entrance into this world and was protesting by wedging himself in a strange angle preventing him from even crowning in the birth canal.

This was a normal low risk pregnancy, you know the sort where, the doctor could give a crap less about your "aches and pains," the OBGYN who usually thinks your a pain in the ass considering all the women with "real high risk issues," and almost rolls their eyes when you complain about something that you think is "not normal."

The doctor and nurse began to get increasingly concerned and decided that they would move the baby to the necessary position themselves. They started to massage and knead my belly while literally tryng to move him. Caaaareepy!!

Stop! It was right here when I started to get nervous and panic started to kick in. Hello! Your talking about a panic and anxiety basket case as it is, pile the possible fear for your unborn child on top of that, and disaster awaits. They started to position me in strange ways, and instructed me to start pushing again. Shortly later Bean made it clear that this was not the way for him. I imagined him saying something like, "WTF lady!" His heart rate began to dip and the doctor and nurse suggested an emergency unplanned c-section. WHAT??!!

I can honestly say that I have not felt fear like that in a long time, and felt as though I would pass out. Was my baby going to die and they were just not wanting to tell me? Why do I feel like noone is paying attention to me? Rush...rush...rush...I felt like a piece of meat while the surgeons pricked and poked at me. They had those weird masks on, and were carring on as though I was not there! How could they be soooo casual over such an important moment for me??!! WHAAAAA!!! P-bear tried to make his escape by saying he was going to wait outside...not so fast but I admire the attempt to run like hell!!

I cannot believe I am sharing such fugly pics of myself...oh well...labor is not a beauty pageant. Gorgeous? No. Puggy and puffy? Yes. Worth it? You bet!

To be continued...



  1. D, I didn't know you had a blog! How cool!
    I found you on Nancy's blog :)
    I'm going to need some tips!

  2. Hey girl!

    Yes, I need an outlet and I love sharing! Fun and addicting! hahaha!!

  3. Hi, i am already following you. Thanks for visiting my blog Come again ok :)


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