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Sunday, April 18, 2010

An award so yummy, you will want to eat it!

The fabulous Anita Hamilton of It's a Sweet Thing, awarded me with one of the yummiest awards I have ever seen!

Anita's blog is one of the few blogs where the cartoonish figure on her button actually looks like her! I LUUUV Anita, even though we have never met. She is so helpful and a real community type blogger! Check her out!

Anita at Its a Sweet Thing

Now, I get to share the decadence with some of my favorite blogs that are as yummy as this cupcake! Since I feel like I have already typed about me, too much this week, I will only share one tidbit!

I have a pink brazilet on my wrist that I have had on for over a year!

Here are some blogista's that I think are too yummy for words!



  1. Congrats on the award! And thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Lol! Yes my character actually looks like me lol! No you didnt lol! Thats freakin funny! It's so true though, i know exactly what your saying there. I might be changing my header soon though I dont know because i'll be switching platforms soon I'll give you the heads up when it happens. Its gonna be so rockin i swear! Muah! Love you!


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