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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And you thought "Mean Girls" went away after high school?

I actually missed a couple of days without blogging! Shocker! I know! To tell you the truth I was actually dealing with some pretty serious drama.

Once upon a time I was an extreme partier, random dater, drinker, and overall "I don't give a s_it." Translate that however you want, but I was young and tried to live my life the way that made ME happy first, and everyone else second. When I was a teenager and early twenties, I really did not care what people said about me. It did not really bother me for people to say things like "she parties too much," or "I heard she..." To me this always translated as people who had nothing better to do then be wrapped up in my life. So wrapped up in my life that I would actually hear things about myself that I had not idea I "did or said."

I left all of that behind be, as many of us do when we become "grownups" a few years ago and have not felt the need to look back. I try to be a great mom, and a respectable wife. I love my husband and children. There is a great saying that I got from a Tyler Perry movie called the 80:20 rule. It means that a marriage will only be able to satisfy 80% of all your needs in life. The alternative....whatever that may be....can only satisfy 20%. Would you give up 80% for 20%? order to keep things vague and not share too much considering that there were many parties hurt in what happened over the weekend, I am going to attempt to have you "read between the lines," while protecting those involved.

Basically, I received this horrible and hateful message on Facebook (the devil) from an anonymous fake user name on Easter Sunday. The email said some hateful personal things that were not exactly completely most rumors often are. I click on this person to see what this is all about and I am blind sighted by this full page of details regarding someone and their issues with fidelity. It accompanied a list of intimate details about a handful of woman who dated this person in the past and their relationships with him. It also had links to these woman and their full names and fb/myspace accounts. This person was urging people to forward the link to tell as many people as possible about what these people were all about. Do people not care about the safety of these people when passing on this link?

Most of the woman had not even spoken to this guy in years, and were taken back by this anonymous facebookers allegations regarding them and this person.

In a nut shell this FB person had a change of heart a couple of days later and removed the page. Not without putting into question the reputation of the people listed first though. I appreciate this person for doing the right thing, but I just don't understand what would posses someone to do things so hurtful to people that they don't even know and have never met. Its one thing to put your own skeletons out for all to see, but what give anyone the right to put others out on display? This person would have had to become a friend of mine on fb in order to access to some of the info that they knew and were sharing. I went in and deleted almost 300 contacts...paranoia will do that to you.

I cried and prayed for the 2-3 days that this went on. Asking what I did to deserve this. I prayed and said things like "I am a decent person and am trying to do right by my family, why would someone want to do this to another person." Regardless of the truth of any of the information on this page about all of the people is still wrong to great lengths to do something like that.

I am sharing this because it helps me to deal with the ordeal and believe me, what i am sharing is just the tip of the iceberg and I am still very much hurt by this.

Please be careful what information you share online and who you friend on these social networks. There are people who may be harboring anger for something that happened way back when and just waiting for the chance to hurt you.



  1. Wow - that is a sobering story - thanks for sharing it, and I hope that you're feeling better! How hurtful - but remember, it says way more about that person than it does about you, and your friends will realise that. Sorry that this happened to you!

    parenting ad absurdum (mbc)(I'm here: my login goes to an old blog :)).

  2. Hi there! My name is Bridgette Groschen and I'm just hoppin' around bloggy world checking out new blogs to follow and hopefully follow me back. You have a lovely blog. I see you had others too. I'm now following this blog. If you'd like me to follow your others too, just let me know. Or, twitter, facebook, etc. I hope you get a chance to come check out my blog. I'm just doing reviews and giveaways now, until I have the courage to start talking more about my family-LOL. After reading your post I may be able to get that courage up. Thanks for sharing :) Sorry you're feelings were hurt!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  3. Thanks for sharing yall! I appreciate your words. I am indeed 100% better, now that the page is gone.

    @Joeandbridge- I will for sure check out and follow your blog and on twitter too! Its a slow process of comfort to share more and more, especially sharing about your family. There have been many posts that I have written and then didnt have the nerve to post...they are still saved on my edit post page. Maybe I will post those one day...or maybe they will stay private forever...who knows! Thanks again for sharing!

  4. I'm so sorry. This says more about the person that did this than it does about anyone that was hurt by it.


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