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Monday, March 15, 2010

WAHM day #1

So, I was thinking about what I was going to write about and thought that it would be neat to chronicle the next 30 days and see how I feel at day 15, 28, and especially day 30.

Of course this will not be the only posts. Some days I am sure will be ridiculously boring, sending you a "sorry about that" way ahead of time.

Day #1

So far so good. Woke up at 9:00 and cut Bean a green apple. I tried to give him cheerios and a sippy with milk, but he soon rejected that attempt by throwing every last one of the cheerios onto the floor.

I don't think that you ever stop questioning your decisions until you see the results of them. So even though I am a little apprehensive about not having my "official job", and I cannot say that my heart does not start to pump like its going to pump itself right on out when I think about this. I cant deny that I have thought about the fact that almost everyone I know is at work and I gave it all up to stay at home with Bean! It literally started to race just talking about it racing! Anxiety table for 1 please! Please bring extra bread!

I think its important that no matter what type of decision you make, when you begin to ask yourself if you "made the right choice", you really need to think about all the reasons for that choice. I personally just have to think about a couple of reasons and the ticker goes back to its normal working mode. I can even smile when I think about those reasons. I become enthusiastic once again about all of the great things I will be able to do because of that decision and I am again in home mommy bliss.

Thanks for the therapy session!



  1. Your desire to do this would not have gone away, therefore you made the right decision.


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