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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Final celebration complete with booze and a racist waitress...well sort of.

Yesterday was one of the most difficult days I have had to endure in a long time. After lunch with my two closest co-workers/friends, the last thing anyone wanted to do was work. It's weird how our level of appreciation changes when you know that things will not be the same tomorrow. You gush about everything! Why am I the only one with sentimental reminiscing syndrome? I am the dork that thinks about the "way things were", in full blur vision, slow motion, with music from artists such as Sarah McLaughlin and Josh Groban playing in the distance. I know you want to laugh but don't! Why do I torture myself?!!

Anyway, after work my co-workers arrange a happy hour farewell get together at Big Woodrows. I was really thrilled by the people who showed up. My boss joined us too! It is sooooo nice to get to drink and not worry about what you might let slip out! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I thank God for blessing me with these amazing people.

I know you are wondering where the "racist waitress" part comes in. Well I called the waitress over to order a friend at the other side of the table a strawberry daiquiri. Here is how the converstion went down...

Free2bMommy: "Can I order her (pointing) a strawberry daiquiri?"

waitress: "who?"

Free2bMommy: "Not her (pointing) but the girl behind her.
(there were 3 of my African American friends sitting side by side)

Waitress: "Oh okay that one. You know they all look alike"

Free2bMommy: "ummmmm okay?"

Me being the drama starter that I am did what any good friend would do...I told them all.

When the waitress returned, one of my friends placed another drink order and said "are you sure you are going to remember which one I am? Since you think we all look alike? The waitress started crying and apologizing profusely, saying she heard us saying something like that earlier and was just playing.

Okay so "racist waitress" is a bit extreme, but the poor girl made a poor judgement.

Fast forward to this morning...

I woke up feeling ridiculously thirsty, and slightly sore...I some how skinned my elbow. Once I drank an outrageous amount of orange juice straight from the carton, it all started to float back to me. I am now unemployed. No one provides me with the work necessary to result in a paycheck anymore. Awesome. As you already know, I will not actually be "not working" anymore, but rather redirecting my talents and energy toward my own business venture and being a mommy, where I get to be the boss, the mail guy, the director, the administrative assistant, and the motha CEO!

I did it...and now its on to phase numero if I could just decide where to start.

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