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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Its Thurs. morning and I have zero tolerance

We moved into our home a few years back for many reasons. The main reason is because we loved the idea of my child attending T. Elementary, an acclaimed and well known school here in the Houston Heights. I was ecstatic when she started attending and I was positive that we had made the right choice in our home regardless of the lack of much needed space and high property taxes.

Boy do I regret that decision now...

I mentioned in a previous post about my 8 year old daughter has been having problems with extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I have made several attempts to communicate with the school and their response has frankly been insulting.

They cater to certain families, and if you do not fit that "mold," you come in second if not last. They have even gone so far as to imply that Monkey is manipulative and making the episodes up. AN 8 YEAR OLD CHILD!! I am so incredibly disappointed in the response and behavior of the "lead" staff at this school. They claim to be a highly accredited school, and they may be, but that is only because they chase away any "problem" children, so that they are only left with a certain type of child. They are not helping kids, they are only taking credit for children that are already stable kids and doing well on their own, with no thanks to the school.

Of course they would not be viewed as a school that has low testing scores or "problem children" when they discriminate and/or alienate those families until they move elsewhere. Who are you fooling? This school caters to the vanguard and magnet students, which is great, only not all of the kids are in these programs. Those that are not in these programs are regarded as not quite as important and as a result their issues and problems receive no validation or appropriate response.

The principal and her sidekick will blatantly ignore certain parents while overextending themselves to others. Its complete crap. They really do make you want to scream "who do you think you are??!!" More importantly, "who do you think I am?" Please do not let my exterior fool you.

Do you think that my child is less important because you assume that my family is not at your standard? Do you assume that we don't have any money or education based on my husband and my age or the way we look? What gives you the right and how dare you make such ASSumptions if this is indeed the case?

I pity you. I pity the fact that you are not even smart enough to realize how stupid you are making yourself look when you attempt to pretend you know what the worth of people is based on only what you see. Well guess what? I just so happen to be working on my letter of complaint for the HISD Superintendent and the HISD department of Social Services in regard to this matter. You cannot continue to treat children this way, or ignore their needs or situations in order to maintain your "perfect record." It should not be tolerated that you have a blatant preference for certain children and families over others, and it should be known by those that actually matter within the district. As a tax paying resident of the neighborhood that is zoned to T. Elementary, I demand to be treated with the same respect and dignity you give the "chosen few".

I want to share something during the closing of this unwell written post written in a fit of frustration. "Go ahead and have your prom queen moment. If this is as good as it gets for you, I feel so incredibly horrible for you, but I'm going to let you have your moment...for now"

Frustrated Free2bMommy


  1. dont be frustrated, things will get better,

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  2. Ooooh, you tell 'em girl!

    It's not fair what these school districts do!

  3. Thats right!! They really do whatever they want. sucks!


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