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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monkey and her first trip to the anxiety lady

Monkey is going to see a specialist today for her anxiety and extreme panic attacks. I really hope that we make some progress even if its just a tiny bit. Monkey needs someone who is willing to listen to her that she maybe feels comfortable with not judging her. I am actually hopeful and look forward to meeting her.

I was forwarded to all sorts of people for the entire day last Tues.! I was sooooo frustrated and wanted to crawl in the corner and cry. I was trying to get her in to see the Texas Children's Hospital Psychiatric and Psychology department, but that list is full until July! I called a couple of other known children services but was very intimidated and discouraged by the interactions I had with the people who answered the phones at these places.

When I called the Dr. she will be seeing today, the lady over the phone actually listened and sounded concerned. She seemed to actually give a crap about what I was calling about. This Dr. seems amazing from what I have researched on her, and Monkey is super excited to meet her.

Strange for a child to be so desperate for help that they are actually excited to be going to the doctor. This does not sound like a child who is pretending to me...

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