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Friday, March 19, 2010

The most lovable sharks!

Love these shoes! My mom brought them home with her a couple of weeks ago and I love them! What a great way for Converse to appeal to their smaller customers outside of just the originals. Not that I have any problems with the original converse...I don't own a pair of heavily worn black high tops with bright pink laces. wink wink...

Check out the little fins on the sides!

They didn't leave the girls out, I'm told they have really cute lady bug style converse too! I believe my mom got them at Baby Gap or Gap kids.

I love these baby sharks...and wanted to share!


  1. Cool shoes!
    Thanks for stopping by :)
    Following you back from Everything Mom and Baby!

  2. Love the shoes. Shoot, I'd wear them if they were my size.

  3. oh my gosh so cute! my daughter would love those!

  4. Those the the cutest shoes EVER!


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