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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WTF? Wednesday

I know im early...but I could not help but post my 'WTF? Weds." moments of this past week...feel free to add your very own "WTF? Wednesday" moments too!

--WTF? I understand #FF means friend friday, but can we use it on a tuesday too?

-- WTF? Live feed abortion twitter updates??!! hmmmm...

--WTF? Baby slings known to cause suffocation. Again WTF? Can we not all agree that you don't just toss the baby in there and forget about them??

-- WTF? "Obama using 'bounty hunters' to root out fraud" I wonder if Barak will call Dog?

--WTF? Breastmilk Cheese? Yummy! I have to elaborate on this one?

--WTF? A newlywed couple spent their first night together in jail after the two attempted to run over the grooms former flame.


--WTF? A Quebec man will spend the next 60 days behind bars for stealing beer from a convenience store to celebrate him just getting out of jail. Really?

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!



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