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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Worried about losing top 50 status :(

I wish I knew the secret to staying in the top 50 on top mommy blogs list. I am now number 50 :(

I know that there have been moments for all newer bloggers and maybe some old as to how exactly the Mega blogs are able to generate so much traffic? This still remains a mystery to me. Although I applaud these amazingly successful blogs, I just wish I knew what I need to be doing to get more followers and stay in the top 50.

Its not about having tons of numbers, but it is nice to see a more diverse representation on lists such as This obviously is not the sites fault, but it is really nice to see top blogs that appeal to all types of moms and women.

What do you think??


  1. Following you from MBC/FFF!

    I wish that I could be on anyone's list, but I just don't have the go get 'em to work that hard with my health, the family, the blog, etc., etc.

  2. Contact me and I'll help you with that. Drop me a line on MBC.


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