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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why can't I sound more like a grownup??!!

So you want to know how I got my iphone back? Well I will start with the fact that I was almost 100% sure that I left it at the BW. If you were with me on Friday, you know where we were. We were celebrating my final day at my “real job”.

So I always lose my phone…I really think that the phone hates me, but it always finds its way to lovingly get back to me.

I call this place on Sat. early and I tell the girl “I was there yesterday and I think I left my black iphone there.” The girl told me to hold and supposedly went to check. She returned to the phone and to my disappointment said that there was “no iphone”. I hung up and figured it must be at home. I check couch cushions, under the bed, kid’s toy box, just about everywhere! I had already checked the car and still no phone.

Today I checked the car again and defeatedly told my mom, “mom, can you please call BW and ask them yourself about my phone, like pretend to be me. Maybe by the grace of God you will get a different answer.” She agreed.

Mom gave them a call and asked to speak with the manager, when she was told the manager was not in she told the girl who answered that she knew that she left the phone on the table on Friday March 12 between the hours of 5 and 7pm, and she needed to know when she might be able to pick it up. The girl "checked," came back and said “no phone.” Mom asked for the manager to call her back when she was in…

The phone rings 3 minutes later and the manager told my mom that she did indeed have the phone and that she could pick it up at any time today.


Well I know what you are going to say “you should have asked for the manager from the beginning) Yes I know, but one thing that is worth saying is that my mom gets things done. Somehow when she calls or talks to people after I do, she gets a better answer. I can not tell you how many times I have asked her to call and pretend to be me and she was successful at whatever it was I was pleading for in the first place. The hubby is the same way,

I need to work on my talking skills…or maybe sound more assertive, demanding, and more grownup.

Most likely all of the above. Geeze!

Thanks for reading,


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