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Sunday, March 7, 2010

In case you wanna know...

With the recent increase in interest in my blog and what I share about WAHM's, I figured I would share a little bit about me and my purpose with Free2bMommy.

I am a work at home mom, or WAHM, Mexican-American Latina mommy of two Brown Sugars I lovingly refer to in this blog as Monkey and Bean. I do not fit the conventional "model" of a WAHM, and that is why I created a place to share my perspective, ideas, and activities, with other moms who are like me. I spent a great deal of time finding up to date WAHM info that I could relate to, so while looking at WAHM websites, reading WAHM books, and talking with other WAHM's, I started to think "would'nt it be helpful to share this info as I find it with other perspective WAHM's and share my journey in the process?" So the creation of Free2bMommy!

I think its important for "mommy bloggers" to create more blog content then just about being a mommy, but rather who we are as women. I love the "mommy blogs" that share stuff such as their lives outside of just being a mommy and how all of these separate successes help to make them an even better person and in turn a better mommy. is possible to be savvy in love, culture, family, friends, work, life, and Free2bMommy! Are you free2bmommy?

I am super excited about being in the top 100 of the top mommy blogs! Please help me stay there and click below. Plus you can see all the top mom blogs for some great reading!

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