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Monday, March 8, 2010

Want a free promo for your website or blog?

I am working on the "links we love" page of my Just Between Friends of West Houston website, and have decided to add buttons for links that our participants can benefit from. As a franchise of a nationwide known children's and maternity consignment event, we get tons of traffic! The nation wide website feeds into the local sites. If you think that your site would be a great link for our hundreds of shoppers, consignors, or volunteers, email me and share with me the following info.

As usual, you must be a "follower" of Free2bMommy- "The WAHM" to be considered.
(you do not have to live in Houston to submit your blog)


Blog/website name:
Blog url:

How will your blog/link benefit out customers? What is your blog/link about?

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