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Sunday, March 7, 2010

More then you want to know...

Urgh, I really need an "about me" page!! I really am not too "look at me! Look at me!" okay well maybe sometimes, arnt we all?

I started this ridiculous trip to adulthood as a spunky, argumentative, and little child! I was always the smallest in the class but the one with the most spunk! "Feisty" is what many referred to me as. I argued about everything as a child! My mother was so sure that I would turn out to be a Lawyer. She said on numerous occasions that if someone said that the sky was blue, I would argue that it was actually a soft shade of grey and baby blue. She had her nerve!

Well this hard time with authority and lack of any self control led me to the train wreak of a high school student I ended up being. I made horrible choices in boys and partying which led to a questionable reputation at an extremely conservative Lutheran school. I was nominated "Biggest Party Animal" at prom and didnt even win that! Blah!

After finishing the social trap of high school I went on to study at the University of Houston DT and later graduated with a BA in Communication Studies, a 4 year old we call "Monkey", and a hubby. WTF? How did that happen right? More on that much later...

I built an AMAZING resume and finished school with accomplishments such as Deans Scholarship Recipient, National Honor Society member, over 200 hours in community service, and a great internship. All this prepared me for working for one of the largest and most known non profit health organizations in the nation and maybe even the world. Not too shabby for the "wild kid" in high school.

Skipping right along, I added child number 2 aka Bean to the family, became the owner of Just Between Friends of West Houston, and decided almost four years later after my start date with my dream job, that my time there had run its course. I put my 4 weeks notice in with a heavy heart, and started to embark on the journey I share now, as a full time WAHM. I have been juggling work, small business, and family life, for too long now. My final official date is March 12, but I have been using personal time off for a couple of weeks now and preparing myself for months. I will return on Friday to "pack it up." To be continued...

Thanks for reading. Free2bMommy


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