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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I know you may have already seen this but...

I have been meaning to go and get the code to embed this video on Free2bMommy forever, and I was visiting another blog and saw the video posted and it dawned on me...I still had not posted it.

I can not tell you how this song makes me feel. I loved the original, but this remake is amazing. Yes, I get choked up and get goosebumps while watching...there I said it!

Dont hold it against me tomorrow.


  1. Following you from MBC...Love the new We are the World. My daughter loves that Justin Beiber starts it off. Brings back memories. Looking forward to your posts

  2. stopped by from MBC!!!!

    Have a great week.

  3. I still remember the original. That feels a lifetime ago (and I'm not that old). Following from MBC.

  4. Hi Danielle. Welcome to the FFF Club!

  5. Following you from FFF on MBC!

  6. Following you from MBC (FFF Group)
    You can find me at

    I actually haven't seen this video, I know...
    I did hear a lot about it just never had the chance to watch it until now. Thanks!


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