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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dumb and dumbassness...

I forget freakin everything! No really, I know your thinking "I do too!", but my case is rediculous! Yeah yeah I know, write yourself a "to do list" and send your self messages, blah...blah...blah...Tried all of this! I sometimes feel lost in the land of dumbassness. I think thats a word.

Here is what a day in my life might look like (pre quitting work on fri)

I wake up at about 7am. Get Monkey up and tell her to get up use the restroom while I get her stuff...

Can't find my keys...can't find my keys...can't find my keys...found um!

Much later we are walking out the door and she says "mom, I told you I wanted to wear the other tennis shoes today." "ummmm you did?" Sh_t! I run to go find this pair of shoes get them back to Monkey and we head to the car. On to school. She gets ready to get out and asks for money for lunch...CRAAAAAP!!! I have no money with me!!! I tell her that I will go home and bring it back before I drop off Bean and head to work.

Bye bye!! I love you!!!

Vroooom to the house!!! I grab Bean and run inside place him in his high chair and give him a cut bananna and some Cheerios and tune into Sid The Science Kid!! I race back to the room looking for something to wear to work that will not cut off my circulation or be too hot and stuffy. I cannot find any of my slacks...because I dont remember where I left them. Okay plan B is to wear a dress, but its cold so I will need tights! I have like 10 pairs of tights so that should not be a problem right???! Craaaaaaaaap!!!!

Running late....

I try to find some money around the house to stuff in an envelope and drop off to Monkey, only to get the third degree from some front desk lady on a power trip. Whatever! Just take the damn money!!

Drop Bean off at moms, she says "I told you to bring him something to wear and some shoes!!" How can you expect me to .....blah....blah....blah" Sorry mom. I promise I will remember for tomorrow. Story of my vida.

Get to work...decide to work on a "todo" list only to proceed to misplace that list and create another one that I will envitably lose too. Check emails with people asking for things that I most likely forgot and realize I forgot to tell my father in law to pick up Monkey! Sh_t!!! I call the Pbear he calls the FIL and we are okay...this does not come without grief and a few "you really need to get your sh_t together"

Do I really need to go on....this is torture for me as I am sure it is for you...thats if you are even still reading! By the end of a day like this, I feel defeated and like a complete failure and beat myself up for all the things I forget. "why cant I be an organized mom?" I ask Pbear, and he just shrugs. Thanks for the moral support Punk!!

Trust me there are many days like this. I am hoping this will change now that I have more time to get things in order...but who knows. I of course have many great days too...but who wants to hear about those?? har har har!!!


  1. Oh! It is so nice to meet another mom who spends time in the world of dumbassness! I seem to visit there at least a few times a day!!

    Love your are a hoot!! :-) I'm a Texas girl myself...nice to meetcha. Following you from MBC.


  2. Soooo refreshing that someone understands!! I was getting a little worried for a moment! haha!!

    Thanks for the follow! I'm following you too, you are from Texas and all!



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