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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dont be a blog snob...

Do something nice today and follow another blog that has less then 25 followers! Maybe even follow one that offers more then just giveaways. Remember the reason blogging originally came to be? Enlighten yourself and become familiar with others that maybe are completely different from you. These are my absolute favs to follow. There is only so much you can get from bloggers that blog the same things as each other. I am a true fan of staying TRUE TO CONTENT, so think of a subject that is different from what you normally post and see where it takes you.

Just my friendly Friday share!

Have an amazing weekend!!



  1. I have noticed that once a blogger gets to a certain amount of followers she stops "supporting" other bloggers as easily. Sometimes, it's because you simply cannot keep up with so many blogs. However, I try to remember how amazed I was that ladies would follow me just to be supportive when I was I try to do the same. Nice reminder!

  2. It's nice that people do this. I've been blogging for Years now, but never really looked for a following until a few weeks ago...I went from 3 followers to about 50 now! Thank you, and thanks to all who support *new* blogs!

  3. Sometimes we all get wrapped up in keeping up with all the followers, but just "following" another blogger with not that many followers, helps them in itself. ya know?!

  4. This is such a great idea. I just started my blog yesterday and the first thing I did was follow your blog. I think it's great to support others and I'm currently looking for a few more new blogs to follow. I'm hoping others will do the same and help me out.


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