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Friday, March 12, 2010

The stuff I wish I could have for my home office

I felt like compiling a list of the things that I would get for my home office if I was rich...okay maybe not rich, but you know what I mean...

I am totally piggy backing the "splurge vs. steal", but I dont care!

Okay we will start with the desk...

Desk- Pottery Barn Bedford Small Desk Pricetag- $449.00

Steal Target Braxton Trestle Desk Pricetag- $127.49

Target-Seville Classic 2 pc baskets Pricetag- $14.99

Next up the chair...
Pottery Barn Swivel Chair Pricetag- $399.00

Steal Target Armless Bankers Chair Pricetag- $119.00

Other things I luv!!

Pier one Logan 4 Tier book Shelf $169.95

Anything from "Made By Girl"! Love her and her work!! Please check her out, and you will love her too!!

Awesome lightage by

More fab home office stuff to come...


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