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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Urgh! Whatever!

It is the night before the big day and to tell you to truth...I wish it had been today! I have a "to do" list for JBF that is a mile long! I even managed to do some light shopping at lunch! Hey, can you blame me? We are about to be down to one steady paycheck for a couple of months! I found these really nice white shadow box frames for 3.99 at Michaels! Ask me what I am going to put in them. I may not have crap to put in them as of yet, but damnit, they were cheap! Back to the topic at hand...Im sooooo A.D.D. its not even cute....ohhhh look it's shiney!

Quitting your job is a liberating feeling, so much so that I wish we were able to shrink it down to pill size and slang it on the street! I would be a junkie. How often do we really do anything truly for ourselves anymore? Things that just make you feel good about yourself...not for anyone elses appreciation but your own? Not often I am guessing....especially if you are a mommy.

I wanted to buy a really good friend of mine something for her to put up in her office once I was gone. I found her a truly simple hanging ceramic thingy that says "Do one thing every day, that makes you happy." Sometimes we forget that being selfish is not always such a bad moderation.


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