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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Up up update on Monkey

The appointment went fabulous, even though trust me, there were many times when I thought "what a bunch of wackos we are!"

Having constant anxiety can make you feel like a prisoner in your own body, you are often frozen by fear and unable to think rationally. You want to scream and run away. With me, it is large crowds and too many different sounds at once. Sometimes I find myself wanting to shout "shuuuuut the f_ck up!" It is complete "fight or flight." I hate to think that Monkey is going through this experience, but I am glad that I know enough about it to get her the help she needs to calm her nerves.

What a pain to be hindered by irrational fears. Monkey must have peaked in the door 5 times to make sure I was still there during a time when the doctor wanted to speak to only me. She is afraid that I will leave her a often times runs in the room strickened with fear of the thought that I might have left her without telling her.

The doctor mentioned that we would be learning to manage her anxiety and panic. She plans on teaching us ways to keep anxiety and panic attacks from taking over. Right away, I was thinking "great, here we go...123....321...what the heck is bothering me?" I was pleasantly surprised when she was able to share an exercise with Monkey that I could actually see has the potential to work!

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