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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why am I so different now?

After writing my post about the skanks at the beach and reading the comments, I started to wonder, what the heck has happened to me?

Why did I not yell at them "hey, WTF??!!"

I usually have no problem telling people how I feel, and if the skanks were overdoing it, I should have said something. Right?

Do any of you find yourselves backing down from confrontation when you are with your kids? I feel like it comes naturally, to "walk away" from situations that could escalate out of hand. Okay just agree with me for the purpose of this post.

One day at HEB this lady was not willing to move her cart out of the aisle so that I could get by with my kids, so after saying excuse me a couple of times only to have her look at me funny, I finally just pushed my way through. I stopped and looked at her and said "see, if you had moved, I wouldn't have had to push you out of the way." The lady's face was blank from shock. I went on my way, and while checking out she says to her husband, "theres that b_tch right there" under her breath. I laughed really loud and shook my head indicating she was the one with the freaking problem. Like OMG dude?!

My former "childless self" would have left the cart right there while the cashier was still ringing up my stuff, followed the lady, tapped her on the shoulder, and said "excuse me, did you just call me a bitch?"

Urgh! It's sort of frustrating, but I distinctly remember many years ago (pre mommy status) getting into an argument with a lady at the gas station (I am soooooo classy!) and her having her kids in the car with her while she tried to "kick my ass." I remember telling her "dude seriously, your freaking kids are with you!" I remember going home that night and thinking how trashy and horrible I thought it was for a mother to "get rowdy," with her kids staring from the car window. I think that shaped my extreme caution when I myself encounter these situations while with my children.

We are role models to our children, and if our kids see us engaging in such acts of drama and violence, they themselves will be more likely to do the same. I for one do not want a child who does not respect others. Especially in front of my little girl. She looks up to me and I want to make her proud, not embarrass her.

With all that said, one must not be fooled by my gentle exterior and nurturing house wife ways, but rather warned of what I am capable of, should the right situation present itself. Muah haa haa haaaaaa!!!!! Just kidding...kind of.


  1. LOL!!! This post is so funny and very true! I made a vow to myself that when I get kids no screaming or fighting with anyone in front them.


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