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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Check out my BRAND NEW blog design!!

Well yall, its official!! My blog redesign is complete thanks to The Frilly Coconut! Hurry up and get on her waiting list!! Jessica worked with me down to the minor details that I wanted in order to make this blog "Free2bMommy!" I wanted a blog design that reflected me and all the other "Free2bMommy" blogistas! Mission accomplished!

I have a button!!! I will post later what it means to be "Free2bMommy" and you can decide if you want to grab my button.


Just wanted to let everyone know that it is done!! whooooo hooooooo!!! Thanks Jessica!


  1. It's so cute, Dee! I love it! :) Snagging your new button to add to my "Blogs I Love" section!!

  2. Danielle, you really are the sweetest! I just find myself soooo happy knowing that you love the way this turned out! YOU GO, GIRL!

  3. OMG Dee, this is soooo cute!!

    I've been wanting to have my blog completely redesigned and I think that's what I'm giving myself as a baby shower gift next month, he he.

    Definitely about to get on Jessica's waiting list!!

  4. Thanks yall!!

    And yes you should give that to yourself as a baby shower gift! Make sure to tell me how it turns out!


  5. Love your new look. Very YOU!! Isn't Jessica wonderfult to work with ??


  6. Yes she is great! She communicates with you every step of the way and I always felt comfortable telling her what I wanted.


  7. Yay for new blog designs!! It looks GREAT!!! :-D


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