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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I was tagged last night!

Tagged by the awesome Tree from Mother of Pearl it is!

When I realized what the topic of the tag was, I could not wait to get started! haha!!

Things that make me grumpy!
1.) When B-Pear insists on watching TV and being on the computer! (I should get at least one right?)
2.) When I get the little pointless garnish of greenery or wilted salad on my plate with my meal! What a freaking waste of vegetation!
3.) Road ragers! Ummm can we say "get a life?"
4.) People staring at my kid while they are acting up, screaming, or crying in public! "have you never seen a kid cry before?"
5.) Thousands of barrels of oil emptying into the ocean and there being nothing I can do to stop it.

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  1. LOL my husband always says I cant have the TV and computer too.

  2. LMAO #4 gets me too! And the hubby has no clue about computers, so it's all mine!! (evil grin) He's the tv hogger though for sure!

    I KNEW you would like this meme...that's why you got tagged! HAH HA!!

  3. #4 - I used to be one of those people that stared at misbehaving kids thinking - if that were my kid I'd take them in the corner for a good scolding. . . until I had one of my own.

    Now I'm on your side and instead of a stink eye I give those parents a knowing look of empathy. Shame on me for being so judgmental in the past - shame on me!

  4. Following you via MBC.Pls follow me back when you get the chance.

  5. with you on tre y cinco!
    I'm pretty bad with 3...I think I scare myself sometimes.

  6. If I wrote a post about things that make me grumpy, the post might never end.

  7. Sooooo glad to know that Im not just a grouchy grump! Thanks all for sharing!

    @momma propaganda- That was me too!!!


  8. Thank you, thank you! I'll post this de la manana!


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