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Monday, May 24, 2010

At least I get respect when I have a "real" job

I might be going back to work, at least part time.

I know that I forget things that are mildly important, but I also do a lot of really awesome things as well.

I get my kids up and enter the struggle of getting Monkey ready for school.

I walk her into school and on days like today, walk all the way to the school only to realize that Monkey forgot to take her medicine.

Carrying a toddler and sweating, I check Monkey in and walk all the way back to my car to get her medicine with Bean in tow.

I make it back to the car and back to my house in about 3 minutes.

My son demands that I sit next to him while he eats his breakfast. I try to catch up with emails and other work related stuff while sitting next to him.

I get an email from hubby outlining what I "need" to do for the day (urgh, roll eyes here) and respond with my head hanging low that "I got it under control."

I have a few bites of my Odwalla bar and start trying to "psych" myself out into thinking that it is going to be an awesome productive day.

I still have to pick up around the house, sweep, mop the floor, meet Monkey for lunch, feed Bean, wash and dry at least 2 loads of clothes, organize the bills, call the mortgage company, call the gas company, plan dinner, buy sandpaper, sand down rings, mail rings, polish and shine new resin pieces, call Belinda, pick up Monkey (one hour early just to get a decent spot in the car pick up line), start dinner, call mom, deal with the grouchy hubby, serve dinner, clean the kitchen, play with the kids, take a bath, get Monkey in the shower, get Bean in his bath (kicking and screaming), read to the kids (Goodnight Moon AGAIN), lights out to get kids to sleep, lights back on once kids are asleep, blog and read, then toss and turn with insomnia from worry for the next day.

You are sooooooo right Hubby! All I do is hang out around the house and do nothing. I cannot believe that I never saw it before. ----STRONG sarcasm.


  1. they have NO clue, do they? so frustrating!

  2. Are you secretly married to my damn husband..lmfao Oscar the Grouch-check
    Gives a to-do list-check
    Thinks I just hang out all day- check

  3. Tell me about it. My husband has said that to me on more than one occasion. THEY HAVE NO IDEA. You are a superhero.

  4. HAHAHA!!!

    Glad to know I am not alone!

    You are all right! It really is frustrating and insulting too!

    @Mrs. Beer- Yes we are all superheros!!

  5. This is when you pack up and go away for a ladies' weekend. A full weekend, mind you. And don't let him call his mom to help. Make sure he does it on his own. See how much he thinks you do after that...!


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