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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you know someone who...

It is really freaking weird how lost you feel when you have not blogged in a few days and try to get back into it! Anyway, since i am trying desperately to get my creative and brutally honest juices flowing, I thought I would do a Tuesday version of "Do you know someone who____?"

Please feel free to read along and scream a "hell yeah" when you feel the need and excuse the crappy grammer and spelling!

Do you know someone who has ALWAYS already experienced, read, seen, bought, etc., everything that you happen to get and share with them? Annoying! Like that could be humanly possibly in the first place! Unless however, they are Chuck Norris or the Dos Equis "Most interesting man alive."

Do you know someone who takes there job waaaaay too seriously? Dude!

Do you know someone who loves to complain about anything? Seriously, how bad does your life suck?

Do you know someone who drives you freaking NUTS with the whole "All Natural"/Anti Fast Food thing? I get it and I totally see the benefits, but sometimes it can get NEVER letting your kid eat a freaking chicken nugget because you saw the movie "Super Size Me?"

Do you know someone who believes that just because they were able to get it to zip up, it fits or they SHOULD wear it? I will leave that one alone...

Do you know someone who always feels the need to stare at other peoples kids who are "acting up" in a public place? Like your kids don't act like complete little s_its sometimes too??!! Puuuuulease! Keep walking!

Do you know people are are seriously always happy to see you? I want what they are on.

Do you know someone who manages to take care of their kids, work, clean their house, and remain in a good mood? Do you sometimes feel tempted to choke that person and demand their secret?

Do you know someone who celebrated Cinco de Mayo but also believes that all people who "look" llegal should be harassed and profiled for possible deportation back to Mexico? ARIBA!!!

Do you know someone who opens packages of underwear and socks at Target to get a better look at the size? Is that someone you?

Do you know someone who thinks that running inside of McDonald's will actually get them served faster then waiting in the drive through window?

Do you know someone who blogs about random stuff that sometimes has no real relevance? Wait...I am pretty sure that last one is me.



  1. LMFAO my child has a little ass so I have to open the panties to make sure they will fit..hahaha

    Glad to see your back =)

  2. HAHAHA!! I literally just chuckled out loud!!! Thanks!


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