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Monday, May 31, 2010

Another addition of Mean B_tch Monday!

This is a letter to the lovely people who go door to door and try to get you to "find Jesus."

Please read- This is my opinion on this matter and is strictly an exaggerated post for the purpose of "Mean B_tch Monday," and nothing more. I hope you are not offended by its content, but if you are, it's likely that you should not be reading my blog in the first place. Because, it's my blog, and I will blog if I want to!

Dear Bible Beaters,

I love and and am well aware of the Bible and its teachings and follow them in my daily life and with my family. With that said, I do not need for you to come to my house unannounced and stalk me by knocking on the door over and over again, while I hide and act like I'm not home until you leave. I appreciate and admire your dedication to the Bible and it's teachings, but I do not need you to give me little 1980's dated packets of information about "being saved or living in damnation," complete with graphic images of people in hell.

I think that it is incredibly dedicated of you to walk the sweltering hot streets of Houston and risk your life by knocking on random citizens doors. I can only imagine the types of things people say to you. While I think it to be a little reckless and super annoying, it still sends a strong message of dedication to your faith. The important word being "your" faith.

I am often times annoyed by people who regardless of their religion, are so incredibly quick to jam it down the throats of others. They often times get rude or unchristian like in their methods in the process. Sounds counterproductive huh? My point exactly.

Lastly, I want to say that I encourage you to continue on your quest to "save" and educate people about your religion, just as long as you walk right on by my door.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Btw thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following you! Love to find new latina blogs!

  2. I always and if I'm not downstairs my stepson ALWAYS answers it for them. I mean doesnt the kid know you dont open the door for strangers. God pusher or not =)


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