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Friday, May 28, 2010

I am still a foreign film star....

But I dont care! I cannot seem to get the video and sound right! Monkey said to go ahead and post it anyway, and since she helped me with it, I said "you are right!" I had deleted it, but decided to repost.

Hopefully, I can figure out what is going on before I vlog again!


  1. I linked my award to your page, so you're the first one everyone sees on my side bars!! I'm still working on header links!! :o) Thanks, again, girl...cute vlogs!!

  2. Thanks!! Awesome! I will have to do some rearranging too!


  3. I think you need more light. Try to do it in a spot that is BRIGHT. It should help sink up the sound.

  4. I was gonna vlog you back to help I think its your laptop camera. I tried to record a message thru my oovoo account using my net-book (not sure if that's what u have) and it was 2 secs off. Im tryin to do it from my computer to see if oovoo has a delay but now my mic isnt

  5. OK so my mic wasnt workin cause I wasnt talking..lmfao I might be a little blond. Let me clean up cause Im kinda scary and I'll see if it worked =)

  6. @ Crisc- Did you do it??!!

    @BiPolar Diva! I would love to see it!! Go for it!


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