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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday - MBM

You already know the drill...MBM is my one moment where I give myself a free pass to be "not so nice" for the week, then I get to go back to the totally sweet and lovable Dee we all know and love! Stop laughing!!!

As usual feel free to have your own Mean B_tch Monday Moment with me too!
Since I could not decide on one thing to be mean about, I chose to share a few mean real life quotes that I am totally guilty of saying with you...

"What is up with people who work at fast food joints and actually have the audacity to get snippy with you? Look, its not my fault that you work where you do, if you don't like your job, do something about it!"

"How difficult it is to get my freaking order right? Is it that hard to put some freaking burgers and fries into a bag?"

"What makes you think that I need your permission?"

"Okay old granny, you should be at home and not behind the wheel of a car!"

"Keep talking about are making me famous!"

"Her little baby sort of looks like a little tan troll."

"Stop being so freaking sensitive!"

"Someone better be seriously hurt, with all of the traffic this accident is causing!" <---my most shameful!!!

No, I am not proud of these moments...but...they are part of my Mean B_tch Monday Moment, and its my blog and I will blog if I want to. You know where to go if you don't like it. :)

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