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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Because you are fake...I loathe you.

Because you are fake, I will pretend to like you...for a short while.

Because you are fake, I will pretend that I believe what you say.

Because you are fake, I will act like I think your boobs are real.

Because you are fake, I will nod and look interested when you brag about your "perfect husband."

Because you are fake, I will act surprised when I find out you have been spreading vicious gossip about me, true or not.

Because you are fake, I will pray for you.

Because you are fake, I will tell myself that I am not bitter for the way that you treated me.

Does all of this make me fake too?


  1. Tengo miedo de ti! LMAO I feel sorry for this person. tee hee

  2. HA! Tree you are hilarious! Sometimes I write things...and even I do not know why. They just come to me. Often times the "person" I am describing, represents am entire group of people. Sometimes, it represents me.


  3. DUDE ARE YOU IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!!

    You will never know how much the post relates to some stuff goin

    DO you have someone in particular that caused you to right this or is it coincidence I feel that way about someone in my life..lmfao

  4. You are my sista from anotha motha! you crack me up!

  5. @ Cris! Soooo awesome to hear that! Sometimes someone will prompt me to write about a particular "genre" of person.

    @Kristen- HAHA! Yes we are!

    Thanks yall for sharing!


  6. Oh, you are too awesome. You speak just like one of the voices in my head ;).

    parenting ad absurdum

  7. @Peryl! You should name that voice "Dee!"


  8. Nothing wrong with a fake boobie... or two. Does that mean you loathe me!?

    Oh please don't hate me!


  9. @ Mrs. Beer! NO!!! Absolutely not! The fact that you don't hide that...makes it totally NOT FAKE!

    Unless you are all the other things described as well...hahaha!!


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