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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trucker hat + pearl snaps + Wranglers + boots = Bean

I will be the first to admit, I sort of have a fake smile in this pic. I promise I was happy, not so happy to take a pic, but happy to be there. :) I have this ridiculous case of social anxiety when it comes to attending kids birthday parties. I only attend when absolutely necessary. I think it is the "psuedo" conversation that I loathe. You see, I love communicating, but when I am put in a situation where I feel that communicating is expected, I freeze. If I think too much about creating conversations with other parents, it becomes this serious case of social anxiety that would bring a bull to his knees. <--do bulls have knees? What makes it worse is having a toddler that will not keep still and insists upon making you chase him, and an anxiety/panic ridden 8 year old clinging to your every step. Am I the only one who tends to forget to wear "toddler chasing" appropriate clothing? Fun times! Anyway, even though the picture above depicts a time when I attending a super good friends son's party, the smile, pretty much sums up how many of these occasions make me feel. Its sort of written all over my face.

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