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Monday, August 2, 2010

Why am I so angry?

I had a rough day today, well actually it was not too bad until my children started to become waaaaay too much for me to handle, behavior wise. I have one ADHD child with NO meds and a tot who will be 2 in Oct.!

To make a loooooong story short, it was like 103 degrees today in Houston and our air conditioner has not been working right since we moved in...5 years ago!

I bathed the kids and the hubby actually helped...well he sat in the bedroom while my daughter took a know to listen out for her, while I bathed Bean in the other bath tub.

All set, everyone is bathed and cooled off for sleepy time. I get the kids settled in the room reading books and goofing off, and I rush to the kitchen for something to drink. I wanted lemonade sooooo bad! We dont have lemonade, but we have lemons!! I squeeze 5 lemons, add ice and water, and go to add the SUGAR! Wait...WHERE THE HELL IS THE SUGAR??!! Okay, I know we have some, because I spend just about every morning cleaning it up from the hubbys morning coffee.

Me (in the kitchen) : "Babe where is the SUGAR?"

The Warden (in the living room) : "Oh, I dropped it the other day."

Me: "What do you mean you dropped it?" (You motha....)

The Warden: "you know, like on the floor, it fell off the counter."

Me: "GOT DAMN IT!" (URGH!! F_cking bleep, bleeep, bleeeeeep!!)

The Warden: "What?"

Me: "I just squeezed 5 f_cking lemons and now you are telling me we have no SUGAR?! We always have SUGAR!" (Blood boiling! I am about to freaking kill you...gonna "Snap" just like the show)

The Warden: "Sorry" <---in his annoying, not really sorry voice.

I proceeded to see if I could find anything that could satisfy the SUGAR need for the lemonade, tiny packets? Anything? Nothing.

I threw, with incredible force I might add, the cup of lemonade in the sink, and stormed passed the hubby to my bed to write this post! Hey how else am I going to keep from going postal? You are my therapy biotches! No, im not freaking paying you hooker!

Hubby comes in later and says, "do you want me to go and buy you some sugar?" <---in his sincere voice. (I love my hunny!) <---I know, totally bipolar right?! What the hell just sent me off the deep end?! Im such a freak.

Me: "No, its okay, its not your fault, well technically it is (you know I had to go there), but I should not have gotten so mad about that...I just really wanted that lemonade."


  1. I've had those days. It's the little things that just push that last button to set you off. I hope you got your sugar. Hopefully tomorrow's a better day. :o)

  2. Thanks! It made me feel better to laugh it off with my hubby after it was all said and done. Hoping tomorrow rocks!


  3. Reminds me of the movie Friday when he goes to make cereal and has no I'd prob been pissed too if I just squeezed some lemons =)

  4. HawrHawr Amen! Rightous, girl!! You're THE poifect candidate for Heaven. Meet me Upstairs in Heaven Above where we'll have a BIG-OL party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for years and years. See ya soon. Love ya. God bless.

  5. Ummmm.....thanks, I think. hahaha!!


  6. I am guilty of throwing "mini" tantrums like this. Somehow slamming a door real hard or chucking something in the trash extra hard helps the frustration! hahah Then we can laugh about it later!

  7. Its soooo true! In hindsight its hilarious and silly, but it felt good at the moment!


  8. I can so here both of you in my head right now playing this "scene" out.


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