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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mean Btch Monday --- too freaking sore and tired

Due to a bachelorette party weekend at the lake, I am too freaking tired and sore to even think about what to post for Mean B_tch Monday! Sorry y'all!


  1. Ooooo I have so been waiting for Mean B_tch Monday. I have a few sound offs to get off my chest. Thank you Husband for making our child even more bratty than she normally is this past week. I know you THOUGHT you were doing good but umm yeah not so much. Also WTF is up with the idiot family members that read to much into a FB comment and get their panties in a twist. Come on people lighten the F up and get over it. And the more and more I get older the more I fully believe children should be seen and not heard. Yeah that means that little 12 year old who commented they have their mother's back. Pfft bia I will cut you and your momma too don't tempt me. Whoooooooaaaa I feel so much better now off to get ready for work

  2. HA!! I love it!! You made me feel 100% better! I was feeling sort of bad for not having anything to vent about! hahaha!!! Thanks for sharing girl!!

    I TOTALLY feel ya on the FB thing, I think older people and family should have to sign a waiver to not be sooooo damn sensitive and stupid!



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