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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Friday ADHD Moment

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I use to be all out of blog juice by Friday and was like "duuuuuh" when it came time for me to post. Then one day, I let my little brain go crazy on a Friday and word vomit covered the page. I loved it! So, here are the ADHD moments of the week...

Saw the dentist today, who is as old as me I might add, and had some work done on the teeth that I grinded the fillings out of...yeah you heard that right...grinded! Luckily, I was able to bypass the root canal...not because I'm a pansy, but because I didn't want to have to pay for that sucker<----such a broke ass! hahaha!

I really really really am seriously considering homeschooling Monkey for next year. I just don't want her in public school and I cannot pay for any of the decent schools around here. <---I mean I could if I took up stripping and standing on the corner every Friday night...KIDDING! Don't go getting all wide eyed!

I do not fear that I cannot handle it, I am degreed...that should count for something right?! Maybe. Is it bad that I am just not sure if I want my kid home with me all day for at least 180 days of school?!! If you said "yes" you don't know my kid. Love able and sweet, but ADHD to the 10th power! <---she sometimes scares her therapist. hahaha!! Just kidding about the last part!

I will be out at my cousins lake house for the weekend. Go on, ask why. I know you are dying to know! Well since you forced it out of me, I am going to a bachelorette weekend party! I will be trashed and passed out by 10pm on Sat. I am sure. <----so classy and a light weight! When did that happen?

I keep hearing weird knocking noises behind me. There are windows behind me with plantation shutters and wide open on top, so it is possible that a 12 foot man (my home is above the ground) is outside my window waiting to sneak in and caress my face!

I will stop boring the shit out of you now and stop writing this post. If you don't hear from me by Monday, you better call my hubby and tell him to start looking for the 12 foot man! Stop laughing! You are going to feel soooooo terrible if it comes true! Biotches! haha!!

Peace <---in a gangsta kinda way! You know I'm gangsta!


  1. I think it';s fate we met..hahaha Just yesterday I was tellin my MIL that I'm gonna home-school the kids and she was all for it...I feel the same way like they drive me crazy but I'd do a better job then payin someone 140 a week for 20 hrs a week to half ass teach my kids

    Now I think it's more normal to home-school and it might do her good

  2. It is actually very common now, and I have started to look into all sorts of resources and groups that help along with way depending on where you live. My hubby was like "do you really want to do that?" and I was like "not really, but I would be willing to do it for her."

  3. Y'all might be able to find a group of home-schoolers and then you'd at least have some social stuff for both of you to do now and then which might make it better.

    And maybe it's not a 12 ft. man but 2 six foot men and they're playing chicken with two OTHER six foot men and that's why you keep hearing noise. Or the heat has made me a little loopy. More likely the men, though. *grin

  4. LOL love this!! Love the 12 ft (and 2 six foot men idea too) knocking on your window!

    Good luck with home schooling. I'm not ADHD but OCD, and the idea of sending my baby away to people I don't know gets me all anxious. However, I couldn't teach to save my life and know that if I tried, he'd be dumber than a box of rocks, LOL. Much respect for those who homeschool...

  5. I love your add moments. They suit my short attention span!

  6. OK so i swear that i had your your button but after looking It wasn't there so i added it!


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