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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where the hell have I been?

I am experiencing one of those moments when you start to feel like never blogging again. Too much responsibility? Really? No, just laziness on my part. Not to mention the fact that lately all I have been wanting to do since I returned from vaca is sleep!! I remember my mom telling me in highschool that I was going to "sleep my life away." That doesent sound too bad right about now.

My "to do" list just keeps growing! Argh! Why go on vaca at all, only to return to a stressful mound of crap to catch up on?! I have boocoo of rings to make, tons of JBF stuff to do, and a house to clean up (the hubby was sort of lost while I was gone.)

I honestly just dont feel very inspired lately...going to bed now. Is summer really almost over already?

Made the decision to homeschool the Monkey<---more on that later!!


  1. Ohh! Definitely want to hear more about you doing home school! I've been thinking about it. Just a thought right now :)

  2. I think home schoolin will be good for her =)

  3. Wow, about the homeschooling. Can't wait to hear more about that. Sleep, everything else can wait.

  4. I'm right there with you with the blogging separation.... it's frustrating because I have wanted to write but feel like I have had nothing to say!!

  5. Oh my god! We are LIVING the same fucking life bitch!!!!

    I just don't feel like doing SHIT... but SLEEPING since we got back from California! What are we going to do to snap out of this shit????

  6. Thanks y'all for helping me not to feel like a super slacker, I feel better already! hahaha! No really!!

    Hopefully I can snap out of this soon!! I managed to get a pretty good giveaway posted though, you really should check this one out!

  7. I go through the not blogging thing and then it subsides but i see a new review lol and i didn't think you were going to do those anymore? I say sleep it off and then you'll feel like blogging again! :)

    Looks like the kids had so much fun!! We have that beach ball.

    Can't wait to hear more about the homeschooling idea?


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