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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday - 10 things I loathe about you

Its Monday friends! What does that mean...hmmm...if you don't know by now, I am not sure I want to be friends with you anymore...please leave! Muahahahaha!!! Just Kidding! Kind of.

10 things that you might not know I loathe...which means intense dislike or disgust, for all of you "short bus" riders. Try to keep up eh?


10.) Guys who drive around in a gigantic truck that has the "balls" hanging from the hitch. Ummm can we say gross? Do they have to be flesh colored? My thoughts on this are that these dudes seriously need the shit knocked out of them. <--no reason, just because of their DBness.

9.) People in the motor bank lane, that request withdrawal/deposit slips, pens, or attempts to conduct looooong drawn out transactions in the window. Dude! Get your lazy ass out of the car and walk into the bank freak!

8.) (For those of you with kids) The annoying little plastic and wire ties that come on just about every toy, especially the barbies. Does her hair really need to be stapled down too? <---if you don't loathe this will soon enough. The hubby always seems to be MIA when it comes time to open their toys!!

7.) When I hear comments like "he still uses a paci?" FIRST OF ALL...Yes B_tch, and what?! SECONDLY, in our house its called a "chuppy" (short for the Spanish word for pacifier "Chupon.") THIRDLY, as if I needed to explain myself or my kid to you, he is not even 2 yet loser! LASTLY, its none of your damn business cocks_cker, unless of course you are jealous and secretly want a "suck" yourself. In that case, go away hater!

6.) When people say that they want to get their 2 year old tested for ADHD. Is there something wrong with you? If you did a little research you would see that a 2 year old for the most part is incapable of fully understanding consequence or cause and effect. Stop blaming ADHD and trying to medicate your poor children before they even start school. It's sad and gives those of us who have children with severe ADHD a bad rap. If you don't want to take care of your rambunctious toddler...maybe you shouldn't have had kids.

5.) On that note...and I know some of you may be readers (Dont be mad at me), but...people who continue to have kids that they cannot afford and are supported by the government, actually us. I waited 6 years to have my second child! I was in line to check out the other day and was trying to make sure that all of my items stayed within our dinner budget, only to get behind a girl who was buying like 4 gallons of milk, tons of boxes of cereal, frozen pizzas, among other stuff, then she proceeded to hand over her Lonestar card. WTF?! I told my kids "no" to freaking fruit snacks, and she was buying the whole damn store. How is that fair? I am sick of supporting you! Who can finish that many gallons of milk at one time? I think that is f_cked up and it PISSES ME OFF!

Now just to be clear, I am all for the program when it works the way it is suppose to, but really wish that it was only a temporary offering to people with guidelines about finding a way to support themselves following their welfare period. And that's all I have to say about that <--in my best Forest Gump voice.

4.) The truckloads of people who come to our neighborhood (a Houston Halloween favorite) and almost run over the kids that do live in the neighborhood...including my own! Its all fine and dandy to have such a greatly involved neighborhood and have people who actually drive to us to trick or treat, but AT LEAST SAY THANK YOU!! Urgh! Its pretty bad when the neighborhood residents actually proposed having the day before Halloween for the residents to trick or treat just to ensure a safe time and so neighbors don't actually run out of candy, before the neighborhood kids even get there. <---crazy right? Its pretty bad.

3.) Blogs that never have an ounce of character from the person who writes them. This is totally a personal preference. I know that blogs suit all types of purposes these days, but I try not to follow blogs who never have pictures of their friends or family, or never share an experience or something interesting about themselves. Sure its your choice...I just wont read...its boring.

2.) People who don't want to be at work and so they treat you like crap just because they have to interact with you. These range from the postman to the girl who seats you at your favorite restaurant. In my family I am known for saying "It's not my freaking fault that you work at ______ as a shitty _______ , so get over it or find another job."

1.) SMALL TALK! Everyone that knows me well, knows that I hate small talk with a passion! There is nothing that annoys me more then rehearsed convo like "So, how have you been?" "How is work?" "We are doing fine, you know, just hanging out." "Wow, I love that place" bla bla do I ever meet anyone right? Well, I have this instant BS meter that automatically clicks and I either like you or I don't...I never pretend one way or the other. <---this should be noted.

What do you loathe, or bugs the crap out of you? Even for "super sweet" really is quite therapeutic.

Until Next Week Friends!


  1. LMAO I couldnt agree more. I know kids that are like 3 w/ a pacifier Bean has plenty of time. My kid sucks on her blanket s you dont ever have to worry bout me talkin shit to

  2. Ah.. if there's anything I look forward to each week, I must say this feature is definitely it. I die laughing each & every time, hahahaha. As usual, I agree 100% with everything said. Especially the lack-luster blogs out there, jeez!

  3. My current big pet peeve is when I apply for a job, actually get an interview, send a thank-you letter and then NEVER HEAR A PEEP. Is it really that hard to send me an email that says "Thanks for interviewing, we hated you, piss off"? At least then I'd know where things stand.

    And yeah, people who see normal, active kids and say "Damn, that kid is hyperactive, you need to get him/her medicated" is so maddening. Guess what? Kids run around like maniacs's part of being a kid.

  4. HAHAHA!

    Crissy! Usually its people who dont even have kids who say the dumbest crap about kids!

    Alby- Soooo glad to hear that! Keep coming back!

    MsDarkster- HAHAHA!! I laughed MY ass off right now when I read "Thanks for interviewing, we hate you, piss off" My kids are looking at me like "WTF?"



    You know what pisses me off? Okay my 'baby' who just turned 3 a couple months ago still wears a diaper TO BED. She;'s been potty trained since she was 14 months old... but I can't get the little shit to GET UP and piss at night. People are DUMBFOUNDED by this... Hey FUCK YOU, don't fucking worry about the shit!

    OMG... DO NOT get me started on stupid ass fucktards that shit all over you at work... They are there to do a goddamn job. Do it, be fucking happy and quit acting like the world is out to fucking get you!

    I thought the only asshole's with balls on their truck were in KANSAS!!!!

  6. how about the kid that is 7 years old with a binky or bobo in his mouth still....

    girl you rock!!!!

  7. I hate those wire things in all the toys, too! They drive me batty and there are far too many of them on every toy.

    Hmmm, what else is bothering me lately? People that block the crosswalk with their cars. I walk a lot and so many drivers just have to make the light that they block the crosswalk I'm using and then I have to try to walk around them with a stroller into traffic.

  8. @CB- hahaha!!! Luv it!! Your comment about Kansas made me laugh my ass off!! hahaha! No girl, there are apparently hanging balls all over the country!

  9. @Sir Thomas- HAHA!! I dont know about that! At 7, we might have problems! haha!

    @Unknown Mami- I always make sure to look straight at them and shake my head as I look all "damsel in distress" in such danger with my little baby!!



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