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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday ADHD moments

No makeup...messy know I heart you!

Remember before I went on vacation, I posted that you could email me any questions you might have for a future post.

Well I received 5 freaking questions! You know I rock right?!

Here they are...Although 3 were anonymous...I decided to keep them all that way.

1.) Why are you always bashing on "typical mommy blogs?" It seems fake and forced.

I don't "bash" on mommy blogs, I just don't want MY blog to be perceived as only that. My blog is about my life, and although being a mom is large part of my life, it is not my entire life. Oh and I am really really me.

2.) I like your writing style, it makes me actually want to read it. How do you write this way?

I write just like I talk. Do I know how to write properly? Yes, I do. But this blog is not that serious. I write as though I am talking to one of my friends over a glass of over priced wine, that we are too wasted to worry about. I write as though I am pigging out on carbs with my best friend. I write as though I am yelling at the neighborhood homeless guy to "get a job." Kidding about the last one...maybe. I share...Its what I do.

3.) When will you redo your blog? I'm sick of it already! haha!!

"haha!" WHATEVER! You love it! I will redo my blog when you give me the money to do it. Now go away.

4.) Is there ever anything that you would not want certain people to see on your blog?

Of course there is! I loathe the thought of a frienemy checking out my page just to see if I have gained weight or if I still rock. I hate it, and I know for a fact that not everyone who reads my blog hearts me...but I heart them like a fat kid hearts cake.

5.) What is something that you have not shared with readers and you would like to?

I like throwing cupcakes at people and then running away.

----------------Now I will get on with the Friday ADHD post--------

What does the weekend hold for me? Food? Family? Jail?

Why does the small of my back always itch after a hot shower?!

I laughed almost through the whole movie, Drag Me to Hell
A pissed off talking goat?! Really?!

I was REALLY bummed to hear that Seth MacFarlane is gay. My hubby told me this ages ago when I shared with him how incredibly hot I think Seth is. I am REALLY unbummed to find out that it is sooooo not true! So, I still have a chance!!! hahahaha! Just kidding pbear! Something about a funny vulgar me, I am married to one! I should do my research next time!

Have an amazing weekend with the people you love! --Dee


  1. I can't believe people leave dumb comments like that! I always look at it like this -- they may not like me but they are adding to my stats!! :)

  2. Your answers were hilarious!

    I refuse to try to watch scary movies- but a talking goat? WTH?

  3. lol I love how you answered question #5 !!

  4. Number 2 is why I started following you =)

    On another this, it's free and it keeps track of all your homeschooling =)

  5. Ya know, answering the questions was a lot easeier then I thought it might be. I just typed the answer that first came to me, and promised not to delete it! hahaha!!

    Believe it or not, I took the naughty words out of question number 2! hahaha!! It was all over the place!

    Thanks for the link girlie!

  6. You know those movies that are suppose to be scary but they end up being corny and hilarious?! That was Drag Me to Hell! hahahaha!!


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