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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday...not just yet.

Sometimes even I find that I have nothing to write for Mean B_tch Monday. Yes, its true. I have spent the entire weekend getting ready for our first official day of homeschool and thought that it would be more appropriate to post about that, rather then be a b_tch. Although...I will have a little bit of that later.

The hubby and I spent all day yesterday, transforming the kids old bedroom into a family office/homeschool room. We sat down with both of them and told them that it was about time they figured out how they were going to support themselves and make plans to find a place of their own. hahaha! No not really, we just shifted them to another room! The room is an average size room, once we were able to get all the crap out of it. This project actually started weeks ago, when we started with phase one, which included throwing out tons of trash and toys that were literally swallowing my kids whole. I swear a little troll was living in there with them.

My hubby being the bad ass handy man that he is, added about 4 electric plugs and ran all sorts of cables and wires so that each desk was well equiped to maintain their computer setup. We are finally printing wireless!! I feel so special and hightech. I still scratch my head at how that is even possible.

Anyway, I already previewed the materials for her first lessons (1 of which I teach-wkbook style) and the others that are all online. Wish me luck friends!

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  1. You'll do great girlie =)
    After the 1st week everything just falls together


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